11:28 am - Saturday November 1, 2014
indian railwayIf you are someone who has to travel frequently then you might be well-aware of the term PNR. Commonly known as Passenger Number Record, PNR is one of the best ways to find out the complete details about the train you have booked your ticket for. It is obvious that before you leave home for boarding train, the first thought that strikes your mind is to check the status of the train. PNR status check is the most sought after and quickest ways for travellers when it comes to finding the detail about trains.

PNR number comprises of 10 digits that you have to fill while looking for the details associated with trains. In earlier times, when a person wanted to know about PNR details he had to go all the way to the railway station to check those details. However, present is the age of World Wide Web. Gone are the days when you had to leave the comfort of your home to know about status of the train you have to travel. You can now check PNR status online right from your home or even your phone, for that matter. There are times when train is either cancelled or delayed. These are the times when PNR numbers proves to be of great help. No doubt that checking status of PNR before boarding train helps you get the exact details.

Enter the 10-digit PNR number below without "-" (Hyphen)

When it comes to the process of checking PNR status, it is easiest thing that you can do. Those who think that it is an intricate and daunting process then do give it a second thought. All that you have to do is just visit the site and enter the number. Within no time, you will get the complete status of the train. No matter whether you are booking ticket online or by visiting railway station, you can easily get an access to PNR Number.

Today, people prefer checking PNR number by simply browsing the web pages for it lets them the ease to do it whenever they want and from wherever they want. Just log in details on the site that is offering the service of PNR Status Update and press enter for checking present status of the train that you have to board. Since the online method of checking the PNR status came into existence, it has drastically changed the lives of people. This method has gained immense popularity amongst people from all walks of life. After all, they no more have to bear the brunt of standing in never ending queue at the railway station counters just to get the update on train.

You can get comprehensive details such as confirmation of the seat, station from your journey will begin to the station where it ends; you will get all the details through PNR status enquiry. Thanks to the upcoming of Smartphones that checking status has become all the easier. For getting latest information on PNR, no more you to use laptop, just a smartphone with an internet connection will let you get the complete details within no time.